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Zepter Hotels



Relax and enjoy in a super comfortable hotel that fosters a special attitude towards the health of the guests and is located in the city center and the epicenter of the cult of the Belgrade atmosphere.

Enter the "Zepter world" slowly revealing Belgrade, because it's almost certain that you will return to it again.

The first high-category apartment hotel, located in the heart of Belgrade, is a peaceful oasis of luxury and comfort, representing the Zepter mission of health. On the ground floor, there are: the reception desk, SmartLife Restaurant with a diversified and healthy menu, the snack bar, where a buffet-style breakfast is served, and the aperitive bar, with an abundant offer of drinks and Ze-presso coffee aromas.

Zepter Conference Hall, situated on the mezzanine, is a multifunctional room suitable for various meetings. Joy-Me Terrace on the 2nd floor, for up to 80 persons, is ideal for open-air events. Rooms and suites are distributed from 1st to 6th floor.

SmartLife Fitness center, an ideal place for maintaining physical fitness, and the library, are located on the 7th floor, as well as the imposing Horizon Terrace for open-air events, which can host up to 100 persons.

Each suite and space in this hotel offers a unique experience of the Belgrade center and, at the same time, of the oasis of health, beauty, luxury and peace.


Address: Terazije 10,
Reception: +381 11 30 63 800
[email protected]


One of the most famous hotels in the former Yugoslavia (the former Zvezda) with its charm of the old city, hotel in the city center, attracts numerous guests from all over the world for decades. A large number of events took place under the roof of this hotel, which is still valid for the second largest congressional capacity in Serbia.

Spacious and comfortable rooms, friendly staff and excellent food show why this complex has been awarded for the gold medal of Serbian spa tourism for years.

At the site of the former old hotel Zvezda, on the central part of the Promenade and the surface of as much as 11,445 m2, today is the magnificent Zepter hotel, one of the largest and most impressive hotels in Vrnjacka Banja.

The hotel is a unique blend of old and new parts. The old part, dating back to 1920, is located at the Promenade, along the river and its exterior architecture is protected by law as a historical monument. The new part, bigger part of the Hotel, leads to the parallel promenade, which gives the hotel a perfect location and good access from all sides.

Zepter Hotel offers its guests various facilities: two restaurants (Zepter SmartLife restaurant and Crystal Hall), Zepresso Aperitif bar, Summer terrace overlooking the Promenade within the Zepter SmartLife restaurant, and a dental clinic, Zepter Garden Block, an open space where guests can enjoy in a diverse range of food and beverages.

Of sports facilities, the most attractive is the new indoor swimming pool with thermal water (which has its own garden with aperitif bar in the summer period), as well as a brand new gym and sauna.

This hotel is also known for its congress hall - the Zepter Conference Hall and Zepter Meeting Room, with a capacity of up to 1,200 seats, with the possibility of plenary work and by sections in as many as five smaller rooms.


Address: Vrnjačka br.12,
Vrnjačka Banja
Reception: +381 (0)36 612-167 / +381 (0)63 664-843
Fax +381 (0)36 611-770
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Luxury and modern hotel Drina, high category, located in the center of Bajina Bašta (168 km from Belgrade and 38 km from Uzice), in the center of the city settlement Bajine Bašte-pedestrian zone, near the river Drina, by its name, mountains Tara and Rača monastery. The hotel building is located between the two main streets of the city, rests on the pedestrian zone of the center and is tucked into the sumptuous greenery of nearby parks, making the exterior of the hotel, in a colored sense, even more interesting. And during the period of the year without vegetation, the intensity of the facade colors of reddish brick continues to retain the impression in the surrounding landscape of this beautiful city.

Apart from the perfect conditions for an active and relaxing holiday, the Drina Hotel offers all the amenities for the accommodation and nutrition of athletes during sports preparations on open terrains and in the sports hall located nearby.

Considering the richness of cultural and historical resources in the surrounding area, the guests of the hotel organize various excursions by the National Park Tara, boat ride on the Drina River or cruise by Lake Perućac.


Address: Vojvode Mišića 5; Bajina Bašta
Information: +381 (0)31 862 451
[email protected]
[email protected]


Villa Drina is tucked into the lush greenery of the village of Perućac, 13 km upstream from Bajina Bašta, at the foot of Mount Tara. It is located in the embrace of two rivers - Vrela and Drina - both distant from Villa just twenty meters. In this place, the waterfall of the Vrelo River, the shortest river in Europe, only 365 meters long, which is why it is also called the Year, climbs into the Drina by creating a magnificent waterfall. From this magical place, guests have unforgettable memories of a refreshing stay and a healthy dream with the sound of waterfalls.

The luxurious Villa, built between the two world wars, has recently been completely renovated and converted into a modern hotel with 15 rooms, with the latest equipment and infrastructure, and is a real jewel on the tourist map of Serbia.

In the reconstruction, the original spirit of the house has not lost at all, only technical solutions - equipment of rooms and other spaces - were upgraded to the modern catering level. From Vila to the west there is a lake Perućac with incredible natural ambiences, because of, the whole of this region along the Drina was recently proclaimed "number one miracle of nature in Serbia".


Address: Perućac
Information: +381 (0)31 859 300 +381 (0)31 859 333
[email protected]
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Restaurant Vrelo is located on the waterfall of the river Vrelo. Most garden tables are set above the waterfall, making this ambience unique. In addition, the river Vrelo is bridged over several places with wooden terraces on which tables are placed. The entire garden part of the Vrelo restaurant covers the thick tree trunks, creating a pleasant shade and during the greatest summer heat. Lunch in the garden of the restaurant is an unforgettable experience and a unique opportunity for photography in a fairy-tale environment.

The closed part of the Vrelo restaurant has 120 seats and an open terrace over the river. It is suitable for organizing various festivities and gatherings.


Address: Nikole Tesle bb, Perućac
Information: +381 31 / 859 095
[email protected]
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